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With the new millennium around the corner, I returned to my roots, not to visit this time, but to settle and build up a new existence still within my old profession. Much seemed to have changed in this scene, but albeit of new, bombastic names and often bizarre food combinations, like:
A symphony of pork knuckles stuffed with Lobster mousse, on a mirror of raspberry coulis, flanked by a duet of potato bon bon and caramelised sauerkraut tiramisu.
I soon found we still cooked with water, plus lots of fast and convenience food, containing tonnes of flavour enhancers, which seem to have created havoc with the taste buds of the consumers.

Natural and truly fresh cooking would be promised on nearly every menu but, in reality, with few exceptions, mainly celebrated in pricy food temples by Master cooks with the status of film stars.

In this environment the dignified, simple natural cooking of Africa seemed to have no chance...but I was proven wrong!

Christmas Buffet

My first employment in a Restaurant with Balkan cuisine renewed my acquaintance with a cooking which I had introduced to East Africa nearly 20 years ago! After a few month I changed to the Hotel Römerhof in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.

As Head chef I was given the chance to introduce, to the delight of the customers, many of my ideas on the menus, which soon also lead to an increase of business, especially during the AFRICAN FOOD FESTIVALS.

In December 1999 the Römerhof participated with a Food stall at the Vaihingen Christmas Market, the theme was: Also in Africa it is Christmas.

Newspaper Clipping, Stuttgart 2000

We served typical East African Street food like Mishkaki, Tamarind marinated meat on skewers, Mombasa Kuku, coconut crumbed chicken, Bhajia, the french fries of the south and Kabab, a deep fried potato and minced meat roll, all with coconut chutney and avocado katchumbari.

The sales where not so exciting, many of the passer-by did not have the desire or courage to try something from the starving continent as one of them put it. But the ones who did try seemed excited and expressed a lot of praise. It was a joy to see people which I usually watch eating very fast and thoughtless, eating very concentrated and with visible pleasure.

Subsequently we received many inquiries, if this food was available also at the Hotel. The idea of an Afro-Swabian a la carte menu and the festival was born, it was an instant hit and the festival became a regular event in the following two years. At that time also an outside catering section was established with considerable success.

Bwana Toras at Shangilia mtoto wa Africa

To give something back to Africa, a certain percentage of the sales would go to a home for Street children called Shangilia mtoto wa Africa (Rejoice african child) in Nairobi.

Should you be interested in this project initiated by Cap Anamur please find more information on this special project on their official website with a detailed description of the project

By April 2001 I joined Schmücker Gastronomie und Veranstaltungservice as an Executive chef. The company specialises in Partyservice, event catering and provides Bankett service in the large Filderhalle conference centre in Leinfelden near the Stuttgart Airport which includes the busy Restaurant Fill with a sitting capacity for more then 100 guests. Out of a large very modern Kitchen we are providing high quality food, for often more than 1000 guests.

African Decoration

Also here the African Food Festivals brought an enthusiastic response from the many guests. After four years I started my own catering company Afro Gastro.de, specializing in african cuisin.


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