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Bwana Toras... that is Wilko!
Who is Wilko?

Wilko is a creative and dedicated chef and caterer, a chef who after extensive travels and a life spent equally in Africa and Europe has learned: There is NO DOGMA to the culinary arts, there is only the logic of the circumstances, craftmanship and phantasie.

Check him out!

gives you an overall view of his professional experience and life.

Out of Two Continents
You are invited to share some thoughts about life on continents outwardly so radically different yet with so much in common.

Inside Africa
presents you with a more detailed account of his activities in the fields of catering and cooking in South Africa and Kenya.

Inside Europe
Will let you know what Wilko the chef is doing with his knowledge in the contemporary culinary scene... after an absence of 34 years... and what he is thinking about it... Could be interesting!

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